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Looks like they did a broad workup on you, I don't see anything for your thyroid, a TSH is prob w/ your reg med workup, but the antibodies against the thyroid I don't see there are 2 tests for that which can show the beginning of hasimoto's and the like.

I don't see any IGG subclasses 1-4 which can show activity with viruses or bacteria

Lupus is hard to be positive to w/ b/w or so I was told, usually it's shown by a biopsy of a rash.

With a low ESR they may still point to lyme depending on your test results, (even though I've heard of high ESRs with Lyme), a high ESR can also happen if you do something strenuous prior to the b/w being drawn as well, it shows inflammation in the body, thus the RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and ANA (Lupus) test you had as well.

Most endocrinologists will do the 2 tests I said but other than that you seem to have a broad checkup there. Good luck with your results.

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