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That's a trick question lol

all kidding aside, are you seeing a LLMD or a regular Md from your insurance plan?
Do you have copies of your bloodwork?

Why do I ask? I'll tell you alittle story. I had Lyme, confirmed by a regular Md, with a positive western blot lyme test. To be positive for this test you need to have 2 Igm numbers (bands), and 5 out of 10 IGG numbers (bands) which is the CDC criteria, and how regular Md's read these tests for positive or negative. A LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor), does not read them this way.

First I had 2 IGM and 7 IGG. Six weeks later after antibiotics, 1 IGM 7 IGG. Dr told me Lyme gone I'm ok.

I relapsed and was sick as a dog for 3 years therafter. I was treated here and there with oral antibiotics through those 3 years, between huge swollen ankles, large body rashes, hands that would shake, memory shot, exhaustion, visual disturbances, anxiety, heart monitors showing a problem, thryroid 3xs it's size, about 15? pills a day just to exist, and that's all I did was exist, until the point came of what they thought were seizures. The neuro gave me a spinal tap, which was positive for Lyme.

By my blood results, I had ONE igm, and 7 igg. Technically, by CDC standards (not the best way to read a lyme western blot), I was negative. BUT, the one IGM band I had, was 23Kd. A Lyme specific band. It's an outer surface protien band. Why else would it show up in my IGM (IGM shows current infection, IGG shows longer standing infection/longer a time that you've had or were exposed to lyme in the blood).

Alas, the LLMDs were right, and they were wrong, and I am one of the few that have the paperwork that shows, going by the CDC criteria is not always correct and failsafe.

I would get your lyme western blot test results and see what bands are showing up, as well as goto a LLMD.

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