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It was early Thursday morning when my husband went into the hospital.

They have been giving him a broad spectrum antibiotics for what ever may be causing the fever to go up. Yesterday he was feeling better and they started using the picc line again. By the evening he was loosing his color and by this AM he had a fever again.

They took out the picc line and drew more blood cultures. As of now nothing has grown on the ones they took late Wednesday early Thursday. They have gone back to giving all medications threw an IV line. They want two days before they put in a new picc line.

He has started getting pain in his back and head like he had when he had the meningitis in September. But they say that can't be it. The new antibiotic is making his sick and itch a lot and yet they keep loading his body with it.

What do you think the chances are I will find a good doctor over the weekend that will look at this case????

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