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I just got a copy of my western blot results. I am igg negative but positive in the igm with bands 23 and 41. Do you have to be positive in both the igm and igg to be considered positive?
[QUOTE=MARKJESI08;3910331]I just got a copy of my western blot results. I am igg negative but positive in the igm with bands 23 and 41. Do you have to be positive in both the igm and igg to be considered positive?[/QUOTE]

Treatment for Lyme doesn't go by just the test results.
That is why you need someone experienced in treating Lyme patients who goes by patient symptoms in addition to testing.

Every patient is different and presents with Lyme disease in different ways. I have had varying symptoms, come and go, but eventually they became more frequent and severe. Improper or incomplete treatment can make things worse.

Again, this is a disease where you need to research for yourself. It sounds harsh but the LLMDs don't have the time to handhold and treatment requires you be involved in deciding what does and doesn't work.
There is no magic treatment or magic pill.
Lyme can spread through your system within 24hrs of a bite. I too was very ill, but when they found mine it was 1+ year of symptoms and 2 igm 7 igg bands. I was only treated for 6 weeks then they said it was gone. As I posted earlier, they were wrong, just took me 50 something doctors and a spinal tap to prove it 3+ years later.

If you are bit in the head, dont you think that you're more apt to have nerurological? I was bit in the chest and had a ring, I also had endocarditis, with my neuroborrelis.

They are saying it's too early of a Lyme infection to have the neurological I assume, which is a crock, I had some neurological before I had anything else, until it got worse with the shadows, numb face, and hands shaking among other major things going on.

Post to find a LLMD, someone I am sure will know of one to get you where you need to go. Bring your test results with you, and write down your symptoms.

I too, I'd turn around to drive out of the driveway or store, see an empty booster seat and freak, then I'd start leaving myself post it notes on my steering wheel- son is at daycare. I know where you're coming from for sure. My hands used to shake, I'd forget everything, I'd have trouble finding the words to have a simple conversation, and I'd even try to talk with the kids coloring, and say give me the orange crayon, and say it 3x, but I wanted the blue one!! The side of my face would trickle and go numb, stabbing pains in my head and back of neck, exhaustion by 1:00, and again at 6. I'd see shadows out of the corners of my eyes sometimes, and I had horrid light sensitivity. I remember it all too well.

You truly should not be having the run around. Honestly. You haveto find yourself a Lyme Literate MD. Or even a doctor willing to work with you on this.

I passed Old Lyme Ct once, stopped in the food store and got myself an old lyme tshirt.
I'd wear it to my dr appointments and not say a peep about lyme, but have 2 huge swollen ankles or a knee and say I don't feel good, sure as you can figure they'd do a lyme test and start me on treatments. But even that after awhile for me was not enough, and it got so severe I HAD to go the regular doctor route with the IV and treatment that way. PICC line in my arm and all, on tons of seizure meds, you name it, I was on it.

You're better off nipping this now, starting with a LLMD who isn't going to deny you or end your antibiotic treatment sooner than it should be. I'd be on antibiotics on and off through 3 years, and crash to exhaustion and pains within 2 months of stopping, just to relapse and get worse. That was non-LLMD route. It sucks plain and simple.

I also had 2 co-infections, you can catch other things besides lyme in that tick bite. I had babesia and bartonella henselea (sp) sorry. I forget now how to spell it. I also was treated for those too.

I had regular doctors tell me I had a brain tumor, and not lyme. Then I'd say- I have 3 negative brain MRIs with and without contrast do you want to see? They'd get madder than hell and storm out. I've been nice, mean, outright battling facts about my test results of other diseases, you name it. ITS NOT WORTH THE BATTLE. When I had my positive spinal tap years later I faxed it to the THREE?? FOUR?? Infectious disease doctors who told me it wasn't lyme. I called their office and told them off. I was so mad at them for not listening to me.

It's your health, and sometimes you gotta take a front seat to your health, especially with Lyme. If I could have seen a LLMD through it all I would have, but for medical reasons and allergies I could not, and had to go the regular doctor route. I had no choice, you do! So post for a LLMD and get evaluated, and see how you do. Sometimes they have long new patient waiting lists too.

Regular doctors think LLMDs are quacks. But when you've had every test for everything else, as they ignore your lyme results, you realize at least LLMDs listen and see the whole picture. If they don't think you have Lyme, do you think their going to risk their license over it? NO.

As I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow (entirely other reasons lol) I will not be back to see your post till the end of this coming week or next, but I am sure there are others that will chime in as well and hopefully if you post for a LLMD someone can PM you one to see in your area. I would strongly suggest you see one, and I don't say that often to be honest. I am more cinical on these boards than others with the LLMD route as I've been the other route and know where you're coming from and wanting to go through insurances or at the beginning not understanding the whole truth on the battle people go through for proper treatment for Lyme.

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