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[QUOTE=MARKJESI08;3910346]Hi everyone, I have been sitting here trying to figure it all out. Are you considered positive for lyme if your western blot comes back igg negative but on the igm positive for two bands? I was positive for bands 41- which i know aren't very specific to lyme and positive for band 23. My neuro says that for my symptoms-brain fog, pressure in head,dizziness, etc that my test results don't add up. He says my results would be more significant then they are if I had lyme. My pcp says that lyme effects everyone differently. I feel lost and this has only just begun. I am having severe anxiety, and stress. Do I need anything specific to be able to go to the llmd? Are they hard to get into? Has anyone else had similar symptoms or experiences?[/QUOTE]

Hi tHere
Was wondering has your docs done other bloods for you like CBC Iron studies B12.....
I dont know if you have been bitten and maybe this will not be for you

I would suggest getting your b12 levels done as it can mimic the symptoms of lymes and many other disorders............the following would be suggestive
B12 serum
REd cell folate
Iron studies
Holotranscobalamin active B12

Just a little thought it would do no harm to have the tests...

good luck to you I hope you can get some resolution soon

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