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I tested negative for Lyme which I was initially encouraged by this board to get tested yet I tested positive for the Babesia and borderline for the other co-infections so currently my blood work is being confirmed with PCR testing method by Ingenex Labs for the Babesia and the other co-infections.

I tested negative for the PCR portion for Lyme and the Dr. at Igenex said I am negative for Lyme by their standards.

I am sorry that you are very sensitive to the medication, it must be a journey in itself to find a feasible medication yet like you mentioned, the pharmacy can be a good place to see what your alternative medications to rid the Babesia safely for your body.

My treatment has not started so we will see how it goes after the confirmations tests arrive in about 2 weeks. I pray I don't have the allergic reaction so I might have to ask you to help me in the long run to see what other meds might work...

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