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Doctors don't believe that anything but cdc standards consists a positive lyme result, even IF you have bands that are present showing that are lyme speficic but not 'enough' of them to constitute what the cdc considers to be 'positive'. IE- you need 2 of 3 specific band numbers to be considered positive BY CDC STANDARDS on the IGM, and 5 of 10 BY CDC STANDARDS to be considered positive on the IGG.
Regular doctors dont' even know WHAT BANDS CO-INCIDE WITH LYME SPECIFIC!!!

Doctors rarely test or treat lyme properly, they hardly test patients, the results are so varied for being negative and they don't treat, and IF they do treat, no matter HOW long you've had lyme, no matter HOW many bands show up on your IGM and/or IGG, they will treat you for 6 weeks of antibiotics, and usually If you're lucky retest you and see where your BANDS land, now how you feel, symtoms, or make a clinical diagnosis. Unless they catch it immediately, I personally believe 6 weeks of antibiotics to kill off ONE lyme cycle, is semi benificial, but usually not helpful, as once the lyme 'germ' spreads through your system, muscles, and past the blood brain barrier, regular antibiotics especially at 6 weeks duration cannot reach nor kill off what is required for a full lyme infection.

HECK I had a positive spinal tap and the neurologist DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO READ THE RESULTS AND I HAD THAT POSITIVE RESULT FOR MONTHS, it was not until I was being referred to a NEUROSURGEON for uncontrolled seizures that the positive results were found by a 2nd opinion doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The testing for lyme is far from useful unless you have the strongest immune sytem to point out the best bands for a lyme western blot, and the labs usually are not specific enough in translating the test results to prove the shadings of what constitutes a positive or negative on the tests. Some peeps immune systems get blogged up, and don't show the response required to create a positive test, some do AFTER treatment, some never do.

LYME IS A CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS. PERIOD. I am usedto reading about peeps posting and going the REGULAR DOCTOR ROUTE, thats why I base alot of what I do or say on test results, devils advocate if you will, as I KNOW the route and been it, and if over time I can explain the controversy, or some of what I stated above and get someone to see a LLMD it's great, but most peeps don't understand whats going on with how hard it is to diagnose or treat lyme disease, and why you should use a LLMD, and PAY vs going through your insurance. It's hard for someone to watch become so sick till they lose all hope with regular doctors and FINALLY goto a LLMD. I did it myself in my treatment. Its how we are.

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