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Four dogs, geeze I was a vet tech and I was bit outside of work (go figure) but dogs are a haven for ticks ( I had a doggie too) though.

As for some of your symptoms given the workups and MRIs you've had ( I assume brain mri?? with and without contrast???) Have you had an Electroencephalograpm as well? (eeg brain wave test) It does sound like some of my old symptoms.
I even had to wear a heart monitor for a week due to massaive waves of slowing of my heart then it would thump and race like crazy, at times my legs would start to fade and I'd fall when it went slow before the thud. I had 3 heart murmers and mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation, it all went away after my lyme treatment- get that one???

As well as potential seizures, and hashimotos thryroiditis, all gone now too. Gods honest truth. I had Lyme, babesia and bartonella H, I would get a lyme test, but truly do it through IGENIX lab, call for the kit and bring it with you to your dr for the blood to be drawn and sent back to their lab. It's one of the last recourses you have for how symptomatic you are, and lyme is tricky to diagnose as well.

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