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I just received my lab results with some interesting findings. First off the lyme was still equivocal.

All metabolic panels are normal,
CBC panels normal.
Bartnella negative
Ehrlichia Panel negative
Rickettsial Fever group negative
Babesia Anitibody panel negative

Because of these results we did a blood test sent off to Igenex yesterday. LLMD wants me to definitely have the spinal tap before giving me antibiotics. I will schedule that for next week.

Here are the wacky things:

Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG- 1810 High
HSV IgM I/II combination 1.31 High
HSV I IgG 3.08 High
HSV 2 negative

Vitamin D 22.6 Low
EBV IgG 1024 High (positve over 120)

Basically she said I had a "viral load". I am now on a protocal of Valtrex. The mycoplasma said maybe antibiotics, just not yet.

Apparently I have thrush as seen on my tongue. That's just gross.
The small rash on my elbow that comes and goes was red yesterday and itchy. She mentioned something about strep?

I have now added Vitamin D supplement.

I may go back on lexapro as I think that helped me get through this. I have been so much worse, (especially fatigued) after stopping lexapro 3-4 weeks ago.

Thoughts anyone? What's the deal with these high numbers for these viruses.

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