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Bump up your post if you can find it, post again, or search for other lyme message boards and keep trying- if you learn anything regarding lyme disease, when you stop trying is when you fail, it's those who keep at it who fight for treatment and to find the right doctor.

If it is a regular lab- ie-quest, lab corp, etc, the results themselves don't mean much, as when you read (a lab person) a lyme western blot, what constitutes positive and negative is if there's any reaction or 'band' coloring at the specific number coinciding with the test, some have a 'shading' and are not fully dark, most labs constitute that as just a negative- whereas a more sensitive lab like Igenix in California, (you can call them, request a lab test kit, goto a doctor and have them use and submit THAT kit to the Igenix lab, at which you will pay for the lyme western blot out of pocket) and get a better reading and truly see where you're at - test wise.

Lyme Disease, is a disease that is to be based on clinical diagnosis and symptoms, not soly by blood results as most all doctors do, who are NOT LLMDs. Keep your search, find a LLMD, and in the meantime get the Igenix lab kit for lyme western blot (you can do co-infections too while you're at it as your child is so young and no need for more than one venipuncture again as they cry through it ).

Band 41Kd is considered a cross reacting band- which means, it is present for all types of flagellen bacteria/germs. It is the antibody that shows up when there is ANY germ in the body that has a tail- ie- even people with poor dental hygine and gingivitis can have this band, it is also presumably the FIRST band to show up, or sometimes the ONLY band to show up in some people with Lyme Disease. It is not uncommon, but it is not lyme specific. Certain band numbers are specific for the outer surface protiens for the Lyme bacteria/spirokete, band 41 is not one of them so that makes it 'cross reacting'.

Your doctor did not tell you of the band, not because it's only the 41, as I truly can tell you I'd doubt the doctor even knows that much- in regards to Lyme and bands, but, because on the test it will just say below whats IMPORTANT, (ie what bands) "CDC NEGATIVE", regular doctors don't go farther than reading whats positive or whats negative, they don't notice what bands, why, or what they co-incide with, you need a lyme specialist, a LLMD.

It could still very well be that there is a problem with the spine, muscles, or something else going on, truly, you haveto keep your options open, but when dealing with Lyme Disease, unless you get evaluated by a LLMD, you're never going to get a full and true answer. There are also other tests LLMDs do besides a lyme western blot to assist in the diagnosis, help point to if there was a tick bite, other organisms adding to the problem, and so on (co infections, mycolpasm) and so on.

The first tier of the test is the IGM, or current immune response, the second part of the test is the IGG or 'exposure' longer standing time that response has been in the body. When you are checked to see if you've been vaccinated against certain types of things, they check your IGG exposure to see what shows up and if an exposure response is present.

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