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That's wonderful. I do recall herxing badly on amoxicillin to be honest, was the first treatment I had for my lyme infection, I've tried zitromax-turned allergic, ceftin- turned allergic- Levaquin-turned allergic- and doxy- didn't do much but eat up my stomach.

I was also on muscle relaxers for fibromyalgia, synthroid for hasmimotos thryroiditis, and seizure medications-neurontin and I forget the other now- was a harsh one.

I was the desensitized to penicillin in the icu, they originally wanted to do erythromyacin but I had anaphlaxis to that already and knew the desensitizaiton would not work. I was on penicillin G potassium for 6 weeks, with a picc line, came off of that, titered down alittle on how good I was feeling, and then slowly started walking, then going to the gym, and worked my body back up and my stamina, and have never looked back on lyme again. I DO still suffer from anxiety at times, and my hips pop, ankles crack, but I am NOTHING as nearly as I was years ago, and leave it behind me now. I am recoviong from a 2nd back surgery (other reasons-injury) and am able to pop on some lyme boards here n there to post back to peeps when I can.

I herxed fairly bad, had severe heart palpitations and body aches, and exhaustion, and by the end of it was finally feeling GOOD.
I am glad you are keeping yeast under control, I was thinking that may be part of your culprite for non tolerance of it, I was also told to take bromelain/bromeline however you spell it, it balances out your immune system, course I broke out in rashes from it-go figure.

I was also on some form of shark cartilage, and chondritian I think it was called, and glucosamine for joints. ALOT of supplements, expensive but I tried anything.

I am not on anything whatso ever now. Cept green tea- antioxidants- and chromium picolinate and a multivitamin, I just started that with the acidophilus yet again from severe constipation from surgery- balancing my system back out now.

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