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Some of you may remember me from months ago, along w my symptoms. I went on doxy for @ 6 wks ,when I went off the sx reduced a ton. Never had labs pointing to lyme but was given a clinical possible dx.

Now for 1.5 months I have had upper left ab pains and some centered burning. Turns out my lipase has been elevated which dr said points to mild pancreatitis. I had a ca 19 tumor marker done (had this in the past as my dad died of pc) and it doubled in one month and is dbl normal. Dr said this can rise with general inflammation to the pancreas, not always cancer. I am however, terrified I have PC and its going undetected. I had scans, eus etc-all clear, but know it can be missed.

Now this is a stretch of some sort and hope you can answer-

1 Has anyone had inflammation of the pancreas from doxy

2 Has anyone had inflammation of pancreas from lyme?

Thanks much....
I understand your concern, I only wanted to point out that at times, due to the load of medications, it can affect your liver, which, in turn, then affects your pancreas. If you read up on drug induced hepatitis, you will see the correlation and how the organs work hand in hand. As Lyme is a multi system disease, and treated with so many forms of meds sometimes too rough for ones body, it's worth a look into.

Upper left abdomen is also your stomach, and doxy really eats up your stomach, you are not to lay down for 1/2 hr after taking a doxy pill, and should eat with it as it's a very rough med for the system.

I am unsure but don't see why not, that Lyme or it's affects can settle in an organ, but I have not heard in the past of immediate correlation like you're asking, does not mean it's NOT out there, but it's not a 'mega marker' when coming to a head with diagnosing Lyme.

How is your liver enzymes, and/or the CT of your liver/imaging? I only ask as they seem to domino effect eachother. Are you on other meds, either OTC or prescribed that can contribute to the overworking on your liver?
Hi K2626:

I have been under treatment for Lyme for over 3 years and had Lyme for probably 6+ years. About 9 months into treatment I started having terrible abdominal discomfort and light stools. My lipase and amylase numbers were not good at all. This all started about 3 months after a neighbor died from pc. Needless to say I was totally freaking out. I was using Doxy at the time. I started searching the boards for a link between pancreatitis and lyme or pancreatitis and abx. I didn't find much.

I went through all the tests and everything came up negative. My GI doc was convinced it was the abx. He really didn't believe in Lyme and really wanted me to get off the abx. My LLMD is convinced Lyme can cause pancreatitis and wanted me to stay on abx (I was a mess at the time). We ended up switching me to Amoxycillin and Flagyl, as I recall.

My pancreatitis got better over a 2+ month period and I have not had pancreas issues since. I remember my worry and searching boards for other people that had experienced this issue without much success. I wanted to chime in and let you know that this is exactly what I went through 'cause I know it would have brought me down from the ledge, so to speak.

In the end I can't say whether it was the Doxy or the Lyme. I'm not sure my LLMD can either....but I have since switched back to Doxy for periods of time and haven't had pancreas issues.

Good luck,

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