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So, last night we had a gathering of friends (who happen to be neighbors), like we always do... as I am updating my friends on where I am with my diagnosis of Lyme and possible MS, telling them about the controversies involved in diagnosis and treatment... my almost nine year old comes to me and says "Mommy what is this?" Of course, just what I need it is a deer tick in his head. I got my tweezers and was able to pull almost all of it out completely intact. Perhaps the mouth and front lets were left, I tried to get those out as well. I am prett confident I got it all. ( I did read that those parts wil release on their own and eventually fall off. Supposedly, you are not supposed to "dig around"? Anyway, I cleaned it off and put the tick in a ziploc bag.

With the history of Lyme in our very small neighborhood and several confirmed cases, I have been very worried about everyone, but especially our kids that run and play here. Of course, after I pulled this tick off, I went to a room to let out a full blown crying session. It's one thing for me to be sick, but please not my baby!! I know it is a good thing we found it. I explained to the other kids there that my son did the right thing about coming to me and not trying to pull it out himself.

So, now what do I do? Before I became Lyme Literate myself, I might have just called the pediatrician, but I want to be sure I am not going to get caught up in the controversy with my son. I know this tick may not be carrying any diseases. He just came off of amoxicillan last week for strep (although he is now allergic to it).
Hi Funnymommy,
My good friend in Essex County in Mass. found a deer tick crawling across the face of her 2 year old yesterday! I hope the tick you found on your son was not infected.
In case you have not heard of it, an effective, environmentally friendly tick-control product is Damminix Tick Tubes.
When placed out in Spring & Summer, you can kill the immature ticks that will threaten your family the following year as adult ticks.

Happy Spring,
[QUOTE=funnymommy;3945579]... Perhaps the mouth and front lets were left, I tried to get those out as well.[/QUOTE]

How very fortunate your son told you! At least you know for sure that your son was bitten. I'd be concerned about the possibility of the mouth still being inbedded...that's a concern, and perhaps someone could give you advice as to what should be done at this point....even before we knew about lyme disease here (which was over 30 years ago), we knew that the head needed to come out!

Ideally the tick should be sent in for testing...I know Igenex does this (and yes, it is costly), but perhaps som eone in your neighborhood knows another place where this could be done. I've read that you shoud save the tick or any nymphs or larvae that you find in a clean glass jar or film container, tightly lidded and labeled with the date you pulled the tick off you and the location you were when you acquired the tick.

Hope others can address the other issues as I suspect many would recommend antibiotic treatment until the results regarding the tick come back from the lab.


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