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I understand that there is a big difference in someone who is lucky enough to detect the bacteria early (via the rash for instance) vs. someone who did not know they had it and the bacteria was allowed to multiply in their body over a longer period of time.
I just got a call from my wife's Grandmother that lives in the Northeast. She told me my cousin-n-law had the exact same thing as me happen to him about 3 years ago. Got a bite on his forehead, got the rash, went to the Dr. and got the antibiotics on the 2 or 3 week treatment and has tested negative since. I plan on calling him later today to pick his brain.
I will definitely look into the info you gave me and I am very much appreciative. I am starting to feel a little better about my situation with recent things that I have learned.
I have looked over the symptoms amny times and it is difficult for me to tell if I have had any of the milder ones. Being about 40 I get those muscle aches all the time anyway, LOL. I have not had any of the other symptoms besides the lyme rash. It is early, so I hope the antibiotics take care of it and I never will.
I wish you the best of luck with your illness and I really admire you for the help that you give other people. Thanks a bunch! Joe

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