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I recently had some Lyme disease tests done, and came back with positive IGGs for Ehrlicia HME (1:128), Spotted Fever (1:128), Typhus (1:128) as well as an elevated EBV (mono exposure, I assume).

I saw a Lyme doctor, who suspects I have Lyme based on symptoms and several health issues. He is treating me with Doxy, and stated the Ehlicia should be treated even though it was a past infection (I'm inclined to believe him). My recent Western Blot came back negative (no bands), but many years ago when I had the test done, I recall several bands being positive, but not enough for treatment. I'm going to get the Igenex WB tested soon. How common is it to have no bands on a regular WB, yet come back positive on Igenex? Curious what my chances are on the Igenex...

And what is the significance of having Spotted Fever and Typhus exposure? Do they require treatment, or are just more evidence of being bitten by one or more sickly ticks at some point in the past?

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