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My daughter tested positive for lyme, again, 5 months after being treated. The Western Blot showed positive for 2 IgM bands (and other non specific IgM bands) and 6 IgG bands. She had only one less IgG band then before. The notation on the test said the results are consistant with the CDC's criteria for a positive serology. Her pediatrician said she is no longer positive and that the blood test just shows she has "known" lyme. Also, the notation by the lab on her first blood test said the results were "most often seen in late stage disease". I'm confused. What do the results show? She's only 3-1/2. The reason I'm pursuing this is because after she became ill with lyme (on her third birthday, exactly), she had a complete personality change. Two months later she was diagnosed as autistic. Prior to that she was a normal child. I think the lyme did this to her. Is there somewhere where I can get a better explanation as to why the doctor said she doesn't have active lyme? I believe she still has lyme!! She was also bitten again (no bull's eye) several months later. Luckily the doctor is willing to do whatever I want so we have an MRI scheduled next week to check for demyelination. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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