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Having late stage lyme...since I was a child, but not diagnosed until fall 2000, Im now 40!! My doctor gave me prednisone for something, anyway...within two hrs I was functioning like I havent in yrs..after a yr of various antib's etc etc. Ive been taking it now for 3 months, I still have my bad days, but not nearly as many, and is typically brought on by doing to much. I think I have it narrowed down as well to when I do not take diflucon at least 3-4 times a wk. My doctor doesnt have a clue why prendisone is working. I dont like being on it. It further surpresses the immune system which is already very much effected by lyme. It makes me gain weight and I believe its behind libido decrease as well. I know Lyme can effect the adrenal glands, have seen photos of Lyme in the adrenals, but had no info with the autopsy photos. So, Im not sure if its taking inflammation down in my brain and who knows where else. It could be replacing hydrocordisone which is made by the adrenals. From info Ive read Prednisone is 3-5 times stronger than hydrocordisone. Im not total...but Im not a total zombie anymore all the time. Does anyone know how this might be?? I am having a hard time finding anyone that knows anything past the antibiotic stage. This reaks havic on our bodies, seems like someone out there would be totally focused on the treatment of the damage it has done. Anyone having any knowledge or direction, Id sincerely appreciate any info...Thanks, Cindy...oh, by the way, Ive also seen photos of candida spores in the brain, as well as candida changing form to filament form going through the intestions attaching to other organs....sorry dont have that a search..may explain I have had what was suppose to be scare tissue from my intestines attached to my ovaries, bladder etc twice...with no testing done of tissue. The medical commmunity needs to get on its toes a bit more!! There has got to be a better way, than the patient informing the doctor and paying for it!!!
Smiles for everyone...and never stop searching and believing...there is always a way and reason!!

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