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This is an urgent call for Lyme disease patients and their families FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY to attend a vitally important hearing before the NYS Assembly Health Committee on Nov. 27th at Albany, New York. The exact location in Albany will be announced in a few days. This hearing may be the last chance that chronic Lyme disease patients have to save
their access to appropriate medical care.

Most of us have long been aware of the scientific controversy about whether or not Lyme disease is easy to diagnose and treat. In recent years, state licensing boards, frequently spurred on by complaints from insurance companies, have been investigating and charging with professional misconduct those physicians willing to treat chronic Lyme with more than the cookbook 4 weeks of antibiotics. These investigations have created an atmosphere in which many physicians
will no longer risk their licenses in order to treat chronic Lyme.

The most aggressive ot these licensing boards is the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, (OPMC) in New York State. At present almost 70% of the few doctors still willing to treat chronic Lyme disease in New York State have come under the threat of losing their
licenses to practice medicine.

Dr. Joseph Burrascano, whose published guidelines are used by physicians throughout the world, is the best known of the physicians who treat chronic Lyme.
He has already been tried by the OPMC, and their decision is imminent. Dr. B. could lose his license or his right to treat us, unless we can be sufficiently convincing to get the Assembly to stand up for us. A huge turnout of patients will be part of convincing them that our doctors are helping us.

If the OPMC is permitted to continue this withchunt, rhe ripple effect on physicians throughout the country could leave chronic Lyme disease patients without access to appropriate care.

Please come to Albany, you, your family and friends are needed. Hundreds or even thousands attending to show support for our doctors will demonstrate to the Assemby that the OPMC must be stopped from depriving patients of essential medical care.

If you plan to attend, please go to [url=""][/url]

Fill out the registration form and fax or mail it to the address on the form.

--- [url=""][/url]

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