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My wife's aunt and uncle live in Virginia and she has has various illnesses and maladies over the years, fatigue, pain, etc. He has not had many symptoms ever and has traveled extensively for years. Neither of them can remember ever having any lyme symptoms, such as bite, rash, fever, etc. that go with a lyme tick episode. Over a year ago they went to a Lyme specialist in Pennsylvania and were both diagnosed with Lyme disease and have been on an expensive antibiotic treatment regime for about a year now. They both have not gotten better and in ways have been worse since the treatments. My wife's uncle was also told he had Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever, which from research says, that you become extremely ill and it can often be fatal. Now the doctor has told the uncle that he has been reinfected with lyme disease and should continue his antibiotic treatments.

My wife and I think her aunt has some other auto-immune illness as they run in her family and that they are both being mis-diagnosed and mis-treated. Any thoughts on this from those of you who are knowledgeable and involved with this disease?? Any help would be appreciated.


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