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I retired from the A.F. back in March last year. On our way down south from South Dakota, we stopped to visit relatives in Arkansas. About a week or so later, we left and stopped in Chattanooga Tn to visit relatives again. While I was taking a shower, I discovered small reddish colored tick while taking a shower. The tick was affixed to my scrod. I pulled it off but it was so tiny that I couldn't tell if I got the head. Several days later we arrived in Georgia and went to Savannah to RV camp. We left after several days and arrived in Florida to visit friends and go to Disney. The same day we arrived, that night I experienced an episode of Supravantricular Tachicardia (SVT). In my 20 years of service, I'd never encountered any problems with my heart. Well after getting my heart rate straightened out, I was put on an Rx for Cardizem xt to prevent my heart going into SVT again. After returning home, I started experiencing a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. During the weeks I waited to see a cardiologist, I started experiencing many different neurological symptoms, i.e. adrenaline rushes, spasms, jerks, nausea, loose bowels, and feeling ill. I felt so sick like I may have contracted a virus or parasite. I requested the doctor to give me tests for viruses or parasites since I had diarrhea for a couple of weeks after returning. When I saw the Cardio he put me on Toprol which calmed things down, but I was still having the stabbing chest pain, nerve jerks, jolts, etc. I had attacks that would probably be considered classical panic attacks that came out of no where. At one point it got so bad that the Cardio thought I might be having a blood flow problem and did a heart cath. everything check good with no blockages. Since I thought this was medication side affects and was worse than the possibility of SVT, I elected to have an EP test with ablation of the accessory pathway that conducted the original SVT. I recovered ok but dealt with PVCs for nearly 3 months. Probably due to the procedure and speeding up my heart. I felt a lot better getting off those bata blockers and calcium blockers. During August I went back on Toprol to calm down the PVCs, but stopped taking it in September. I still have them till this day, but they are not as frequent or as severe. During the time between June and September, I had experienced several episodes of the nervous agitation but they generally quit within 1 to 2 days. I went to Thailand for 6 weeks in September and felt good the whole time I was there. After returning, I had another episode in November, but it went away the next day. I saw the doctor again and he tried me on Zoloft and Paxil thinking I might be suffering from panic disorder, but they didn't seam to change anything. The only clue though this is the blood test I did back in April and several through November showed an elevated WBC. One test I did in December the WBC went down, but it is back up again as of Jan 15. Which brings me up to the latest episode this past December. I had another onset of this nervous agitation only this time it has been more persistent. Without going into all the details of the nervous symptoms, I feel like something is attacking my nervous system. I've been trying to find out what would the cause would be based on my symptoms - everything from neurological disorders to viruses, and diseases. I can't say that I've experienced all of the systems related to Lyme disease. But, I was been bitten by a tick and then all these health problems started. I have experienced an arrhythmia problem with my heart. I've had numerous unpleasant and progressively more frequent symptoms with nervous system. I've had an increase in joint discomfort, especially in the morning. I can't say that I exhibited the telltale rash following the bite. I've been referred to a neurologist that had me do an EEG and a sleep study because he thinks I'm suffering from a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Which, by the way started after this event in April. It just makes me wonder. Perhaps it is reaching, but I suspected this back when I first started having symptoms. Is the test for Lyme easy to do? Am I just looking in the wrong place? Your advise appreciated.


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