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hey all,

Okay, so a few years ago i had the western blot done through IgeneX labs and it came back equivocal.

now, i went to see Dr. Steven Harris and he did it again because i'm trying to heal a leaky gut and food allergies, other allergies as well, that have kept getting worse over the years. I'm 26 years old, male and have been in pretty good health my life.

now this second test, which i just had done was the IFA which came back equivocal, and the western blot with the IgG and IgM both coming back positive...

so dr. harris wants to talk to me about it, but what do you all think? i never remember getting bit by a tick or any rash or anything.

i should also mention in this last test i was sick.. i had pneumonia and was still getting over it so.. it was a pretty persistant infection, still not really better from it so i think that can affect the western blot can't it?

i'm just thinking maybe i have a false positive because when i had the first borderline test they did a follow up Lyme Dot Blot test with antibiotics and it came back completely negative... so i'm totally confused and dont want to say i have lyme just because i'm trying to find some cause for the leaky gut, etc...

anyways, your help/input would be greatly appreciated.


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