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Re: Lupus vs. Lyme
Nov 10, 2004

You make a very important point. I don't believe anyone here on the lyme board ever recommended that Ceya stop taking her Lupus meds. We did recommend that she/he find a knowledgable lyme literate doctor because while Lupus is a very hard diagnosis so is lyme as you pointed out. Lyme is systematic too and as well can be complicated by tick borne coinfections that most doctors and many specialists know nothing about.

Speaking for myself, yes, I am urging Ceya while seeking different diagnosis' that she/he can at least feel secure that when tested for lyme and coinfections that the test was the most accurate that could possibly be run and that she/he saw an expert. It is so important just as it is for any disease. As well, if drugs such as prednisone are prescribed to a patient that is misdiagnosed and they have lyme they can get a lot sicker.

I am sure to many it seems that some of us here have a very myopic view. This is a result of the fact that while we were tested for everything under the sun, lyme and tick borne coinfections were never mentioned. Lupus was high on all my doctor's radar screens...they tested me three times but when Lyme was mentioned I was always treated like that was the last thing it could be. So I am sure that is underpinning the urgency you feel in my posts.

I am sorry you have Lupus and I am sorry that your daughter is sick with Lyme. I do appreciate your words of wisdom and advice.

Here's to better days ahead...


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