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My name is Lance and I was diagnosed with MS about a year and a half ago. Here is my question. Not knowing that there were many other diseases that needed to be checked out I was satisfied (although not happy) with my initial dx of MS from my MRI (11 spots) and my then symptoms (double vision). Well my neuro put me on steroids and I would feel better for a day or so and see some improvement, and then in about a week I would develop another symptom completely. This happened about six times. First I developed a walking problem, where it looked like I was drunk, then my speech sounded like I had drank about 7 bottles of jack, then I started having wierd spells with some mild spasticity, then I had wierd bladder issues. When I stopped the Solu Medrol and the Prednisone pills, things started to get better on their own, so I didn't take any more steroids. I didn't think anything of it until I ran across someones **** on being misdiagnosed with MS and actually having lymes disease. I am not sure that I do have Lymes, I don't recal ever been bitten by tic's or a rash that looked bullseyeish. I did live in an area for 12 years growing up where deer ticks were everywhere, and although I find it unlikely I do know it is possible I was bitten and didn't even realize when I was a kid. When I got into highschool I started getting Excema style rashes on my face every now and then, and started feeling like my heart would flutter in my chest. Does this sound like Lymes? If I do have Lymes the symptoms have been with me for a long long time, and I don't know that Lyme could be that mild for so long. I am 29 now, so we are talking about probably 15 years ago when I remember things like feeling my heart, and the excema thing starting. I would love some feedback on this one. I am going to go to a Lyme specialist (if I can find one in my area) and get tested. Something just feels more right about this than MS to me.


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