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I have been suffering from severe joint and muscle pain on both sides of my body...mainly elbows, hands and feet and the muscles above and below elbows and knees. this has been goning on since April, they have tested and tested me over and over for Lymes, Lupus, Rhuematoid Arthritis and the last test finally gave a positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever! I do not recall ever finding a tick on me, so I dont know when or where I got it, I was treated agressively with Doxycyline for a month, but I am still suffering from the same joint and muscle pain 4 months later. The past two days though, I have noticed the most of the pain is moving to the left side of my body..especially my elbow and the left arm muscles and left foot. I am curious to know what all this is, and I really would like to get some relief, it is hard to work and concentrate on life when one is hurting so bad. I keep going to the doctor and more doctors, but it seems the only thing they find that I have is --INSURANCE! I have two older sisters that have been suffering from the same joint and muscle pain, one was dx'd with RA and the other with FM, so I dont know what mine might be, maybe something different! Hope we all can find something to help us! :confused:

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