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I need help confirming Lymes symptoms.
This is my first post, so please forgive my wordiness.

I just finished reading the post from Ticker regarding the symptoms of Lymes. Of those mentioned, I have had about 25% since age 19 or 20; another 25% since age 28; and an additional 25-30% since age 33. I am now 38.

I have had several friends who have been treated for advanced Lymes disease. They never told me of their symptoms, but rather confirmed symptoms which I described to them.

I was diagnosed with Retinitus Pigmentosa about 18 months ago. This is a genetic disease, and no one in my family has ever reported its symptoms, or been diagnosed. I went for the tests because I have had ongoing vision issues for about 3 years now. Floaters, "flashing over" when I close my eyes, increased light sensitivity. Some days I feel like I need glasses and other days my vision is very clear. My eye exams all showed excellent vision.

When taking Lutein, and B-complex regualarly, I notice that my vision is noticeably better, but still lacking.

Then on March 5, 2003, i was admitted to the hospital at 7 am for possible heart attack. (no family history of heart disease) I was in for a day and a half. The Drs. ran every test and all indicated no coronary events at all. They never found out what the cause was.
In the middle of the night after being admitted, the pain in my chest and shortness of breath vanished. Instead, whenever I moved either my arms or legs there was intense pain in all limbs, including joints and muscles. It felt like severe arthritus in my wrists and ankles.

I had a flu about two weeks before that which was preceeded by a rach around my midsection, that resembled shingles, or a heat rash. That rash disappeared about a week after the flu-like symptoms subsided, and before my family Dr. got a chance to see it.

I need to find a Dr. on Long Island, who will listen to me and help me get to the bottom of this.

Can anyone help me with confirming/dismissing the symptoms, as well as steering me in the right direction with a doctor?

Thank you in advance.


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