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Hello all, Looking for an answer and came accross this board. A little intro, I have had chronic Lyme Disease for 11 years now, my first positive test was back in February of 1992 and my last positive test was in March 2002. I also tested positive for Babesiosis in 1999 and had a positive Brain SPECT result for white matter lesions that same year. On my last test in March of 2002 I also tested positive for exposure to Ehrlichiosis.

Over the years I have been treated with numerous oral ABX and IV Rocephin 2X (19 days/56 days) and IV Primaxin 2X (56 days/90 days), my current LLD has had me on Zithro 250mg 2X a day and 1.2 MMU of injectable Bicillin 2X a week. I have been on this combo for 15 months now and dispite all the damages done in the last 11 years I was doing OK.

Last Thursday night my wife (LPN) had just gave me a shot of Bicillin and in a milla second all hell broke loose, it was like a wave coming over me, I got dizzy, my mouth went dry, my lips went numb, felt flush, tremors, heart rate jumped, hearing went echoed(tunnel like), heard voices, my vision turned red in color, vertigo was poor and I could not talk. This insanity lasted about 5 long minutes.

My LLD had no explaination nor gave any ideas on what happened, my guess was that I was a day late with the shot and caught the bacteria off guard and it went balistic or maybe I had a seizure ? That was the worst attack I have had in 11 years of dealing with this on going nightmare, if anyone has a clue please let me know. Be well everyone.

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