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Okay - here I go again. I started out on the back board, then spinal cord, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis. Now I'm trying to get info on Lyme.

Symptoms started last November - woke up one morning and could not move neck, went to ER. About a week later I started having weakness in my legs with tingling in my feet. Went to orthopedist because my neck pain was the main complaint. MRI showed herniated disc, had surgery in Feb. Anyway, symptoms did not go away, in fact they have gotten worse. Legs feel extremely heavy and weak, pain in lower back, pelvis - sometimes on left side, sometimes on right (mostly on right). Shins hurt, calves hurt - depends on the day. Sciatica symptoms down right let to my ankle (MRI of lumbar spine shows no cause for this). I have stiffness in my lower back and pelvis at night that keeps my from getting any restful sleep and I wake up barely able to straighten up.

Recently I've started having dizzy spells that got so bad I went to the ER again. They thought I had MS and sent me for another MRI of my brain - negative. EMG,EEG,BAERS,SSEP and all nerve conduction tests came out negative, too. I had my thyroid checked and even a blood test for Lyme back in December but it was negative.

My latest addition to symptoms are cracked lips at the sides of my mouth that I've had for two months and will not go away.

On top of all this I have sore throats, which my PCP keeps insisting is from the Epstein-Barr virus.

I did find some kind of bug imbedded in my skin several months ago and was so grossed out by it, I just flushed it down the toilet (STUPID!) But that's why I was sent for the Lyme test in December. My question is, should I be tested again? Has anyone been tested more than once before it came out positive? I heard the bloodtest for Lyme is very unreliable. But I will not give up until I get some kind of diagnosis - I don't care what it is at this point. Not knowing what is wrong with me I think makes everything worse.

Any advice or ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee :angel:

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