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I am totally amazed at the stories I am reading from all of you. All these years I thought I was losing my mind until I found you guys and realized I am not and there are others struggling with the same symptoms as I Here is my story.
I am a 31 year old female who got really sick back in 1999. I developed severe dizziness to the point of not being able to stand, along with a severe headache, fast heart rate, extreme fatigue tremors, fever and chills. I went home and thought to myself I will sleep it I off I woke up the next day feeling worse then the day before I felt as if I was losing my mind and had no control over myself. after a few days of just sleeping 24 hours a day, I thought I should really go see my DR. cause my symptoms are gettig worse, so I did I wa mis diagnosed with food poising which i knew I didn't have and was sent home. A few days later I began to feel as if I was on my death bed just waiting to die. my symptoms are getting worse at this point and my whole body was aches,
I still couldn't stand without the room spinning out of control and my head hurt so bad I couldn't open my eyes, the weakness was unbearable, I went back to the Dr. and was told I had a ear infection. I went home again frustrated and hopeless. Then after another few weeks of no change I demanded a blood test, and I was tested positive for ANTIBODIES TO B.BURGDORFERI. I asked my Dr. what this means and i was told I had lymes disease. I said lymes disease another mis diagnosis. I never had a rash or a tick for that matter. I started to think and I remember a few months prior I was in an area where there were alot of deers, althought still I Never had A rash or found a tick how could this be. I went home took the doxycyclne and didn't move from bed for a month. 2 months later retested and now my counts were highter, so we treated again oral for another month. this went on for about 6 months treating on and off with oral treatment. I stayed in bed about a year not being able to move I was told I CFS along with the lymes. Time had passed and I started to feel alittle stronger yet all the symptoms were still present. I saw cardiologist, blood specialist, lymes specialist, ENT, specialist, and at this point they all took my bank account and helped me in No way at all! I asked for a spinal tap or MRI and was told it wasn't important to have cause I have been already treated with antibiotics. BUT MY SYMPTOMS ARE still with me isn't anyone hearing me.
at this point I am frustrated and still till this day live my life with these horrible symptoms, joint pain, dizziness, heart rate problems, tremors, headaches. severe tierdness, pins and needle sensations in my head and down my arms, anxiety/ panic attacks ,stiffness in my musles, brain fog you name it I have It.
I don't where to go with this anymore or how to live with these symptoms I don't feel like my life is being lived to the fullest, I am living a life that is no longer my own and I would DO ANYTHING TO GET MY LIFE BACK!
IF anyone out there has any kind of suggestions or treatments that has helped them in anyway PLEASE let me know I would be so grateful for any kind of advice or if anyone can tell me if they have had the same symptoms as me. I was wondering about alternative medicine and if anyone has tried it. I am sorry for the long post but it has been a loooong few years! Thank you for listening and any advice.
hopeless & frustrated

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