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Hi im a 28 yr old male and im new to this site. In May of this year i started to feel sick with hot flashes and night sweats, Then in June I got sick with a sore throat that lasted for about 6 weeks, Went and got tested for Mono, strep throat, any kind of a virus that would cause some of my symptoms. They all were negative. Than I started getting sicker severe sore back Iv always had a sore back but not as bad as this. also my shoulders, my fingers, arms, legs, and exspecially my groin feels like i got dropped of a building and landed doing the splits. Not to mention dizziness, double vision, stomack pain, very tired alot,weakness, eye pressure, severe neck pain, shaking, tremors, restlessness, panic attacks feels like im gonna die, nausea, and the list goes on. I went to the hospital because i couldnt take the shaking anymore, they did a lumbar puncture to check for menangitis came up negative they also tested for lymes disease that was negative as well, so they say also checked for west nile that was negative. Then i had a mri on my head they found 4 small white spots on the mylain sheath, so they sent me to a neurologist to check for ms. I had a EMG, VER, and the both showed no signs of MS. I also had a MRI done on the spine with contrast that also showed no signs of MS. My neurologist put me on Inderall for the shakes and it helped, but i dont like taking medications so after three weeks I asked if we could try to stop the inderall to see if the shaking has gone away but with my luck it came right back, along with tremors as well. So now i went to a new doctor again to have him run some more test for Lymes, he was gonna do the western blot. Is there any other test they can do for Lymes? I hope somebody that reads this has a good answer for me because im really getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sorry so long but needed to get it out. Thanks for reading.

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