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Sep 16, 2003
Hi everyone, I can honestly say I am not happy to be here. This might take awhile so pour yourself a drink.
I am going to start at June 12, this is when I ran out of protonix, a ppi used to treat heartburn and acid reflux it is also exactly 2 weeks after my last snakehunting trip to the swamps of SC. I awoke sick, aches, slight fever, dizziness, chills just all over sore. I got better and a week later sick again same symptoms as before. Again, I got better and a week later sick again with all the same symptoms this time I was having real bad nasuea.

On June 24 I awoke very dizzy with a full feeling in my ears and very spaced or foggy(depersonalized). I have had these symptoms 24/7 since June 24. For the first month I was waking every night up to three times to urinate. I had a ct scan(negitive) a cbc(negitive)
H.pylori(negitive) a full thyroid panel(negitive) and a urinalysis for diabetes(negitive).

I first saw an ENT, I had most of the above testing through him. The first thing he asked me after several balance and ear test was if I had been bitten by a tick I told him that if I had I was unaware, I did however mention to him that I often get bit by chiggers, mosquitos, horseflys and deerflys. That was as far as that went. He later sent me to a internest who diagnosed me with eustacian tube dysfunction and put me on Zyrtec, Nasonix and Prednisone for nine days, that was a bad nine days, I was very dizzy during that time. So he changed his diagnosis to, of coarse, anxiety disorder. I think this was because I had a panic attack.

Other symptoms I have had are chills, claminess, tingling in arms and legs, hot and clod flashes and flushing. These symptoms I get maybe once a day. I get head and neckaches three to four times a week and when I get them they last all day. I feel tired every day my legs always hurt at the knee and ankle, but this symptom I have had for five years. Let me also say that I have been on paxill for 2 months and none of these "anxiety" symptoms have gotton better. More symptoms are night sweats, I guess, every other morning I wake up with damp cold sheets. I had one night when I awoke feeling really spaced then I got cold and hot flashes and the tingling started in my back and shot through my neck, shoulders and then arms this happened several times before I fell back to sleep.

Five years ago I had swollen lymph nodes in my groin area, I had a biopsy on one(negitive). The doc said it was cat scrach fever. In that time I have also gotton a nasty rash that comes and goes on my hands. It normally starts with pus blisters on my palms then the skin gets very dry, cracks open, sheds and the tops of my hands get red and itchy and is warm to the touch. Even though I seem to go on doing all that I do I am tired all the time, however since June 24 I have not been able to work is a matter of fact I had to ask my boss to lay me off so that I could have some money coming in. Kinda sad a person has to do that.

I have no idea what is ailing me, I just know my body and I dont believe this is an anxiety thing, I have been on the anxiety boards and only met one person that had lightheaded/dizzy symptoms 24/7, that person is scaredgirlalwaysdreaming who just recently found out her lymes from five years past had come back.

I have spent 24 of my 34 years in the woods and swamps of the Southeastern U.S. looking for reptiles and other criters I have pulled many ticks off of me in the past funny thing is I have not seen one all year and now I am sick. I am out of money, my wife is having to bring it home know. I want to make sure my next move is a smart choice, does this sound like lyme,
if so could I have had this for five years or did it start in June with a tick I never saw.

I told you it would be long, thanks for listening and sorry for spelling and grammer errors.


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