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i'm so grateful to have found this message board site. i am experiencing many of the same neurological problems. i have lived on nantucket island in MA for many years. my symptoms date back 10 years. i was bitten twice within a 1 month period. back then my doctor, a so-called lyme specialist and tick expert, told me that if no "bullseye" rash appeared then don't worry about it. unfortunately for me back then it was believed (at least by him) that only the ticks that produced the "bullseye" rash were infected. i had serious fatigue right away, and joint pain a month or two later. this kept up off and on, mostly on until now.

for the past seven years now my symptoms have been mostly neurological. it has been getting progressively worse. it started with confusion, and concentration problems, and then came the panic, depression, moodiness, irritability, headaches, ringing in my ears, blurry vision, and short-term memory trouble. i had no idea what was happening to me. i knew something was very wrong. i got a CAT scan, a full neurological exam, i got my eyes tested, i saw a couple of psychiatrists, tried zoloft and lexipro - neither helped, i'm currently taking wellbutrin 150 XL now and it is helping me to feel at least somewhat stable emotionally. i had neuropsychological testing and finally a PET scan. the neuropsych testing and PET did show some deficits - no suprise to me - i knew that, i have been living with them and watching them get worse.

i recently had a "bullseye" type rash around my navel. i didn't see a tick, but i had a bite inside my navel and the rash was itchy. i didn't think tick bite because of the itch, but i got it checked out and i tested positive for lyme, which i feel was actally a blessing because i was put on amoxycillan for 30 days and i began to come around. i felt like a new person, like my old self for ONE WHOLE WEEK! i now knew it was lyme all along.

my symptoms have returned however and i am worried that spirochetes are eating my brain...............

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