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Hi Kary,

I'm sorry you are feeling so sick.

It's is very possible you may have gotten Lyme Disease or another co-infection that sometimes comes along with it. A 100mg of Doxycyline is a very low dose for Lyme, the appropriate dosage is 300-600 mgs according to Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines which can be found here. [url=""][/url]

I think it's important to see a Lyme Literate Doctor. To find one, you can contact the Lyme Disease Association for a referal. The number is 1-888-366-6611

The website is: [url=""][/url]

The tests for Lyme Disease are not 100% accurate so a negative test does not rule out Lyme. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, which needs to be done by a doctor with knowledge about lyme and co-infections.

And, yes doxycyline can make folks very nauseous, it's best to take it with food, but stay away from dairy and don't lie down after taking it. If the the nausea doesn't get better call your doctor, some folks can't tolerate doxycyline at all.

Good luck to you. :)

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