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I'm so confused about this Lyme thing... I have been spacey/foggy for 22 years now. I have chronic fatigue, some vision problems, some muscle aches - but mostly that come and go. No rash - and I've definitely been bitten by ticks, many times. I had a western blot done in 2000 - negative... Then in Feb 2004, I had an extremely high positive on a Q-RIBb - positive at the highest dilution. I tested neg on Babesia and Ehrlichia. I know you can have false negative tests, but have you heard of false positives??

I was on doxy for 12 weeks, amoxy for 6 and flagyl on 3 of the 12 weeks... No change in symptoms... so we thought, maybe it wasn't Lyme... now I'm wondering again. I have a very supportive chiro - but was wondering if someone could recommend a Lyme knowledgeable doctor in Pennsylvania/Maryland or Virginia.

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