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I am totally confused regarding the subject of Lyme. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter.

During July of this year I went to my Dermatologist for a skin rash on my left calf and also was feeling tired, had periodic back discomfort and felt like I had a cold but no fever(I suspected possible Lyme). He had a Lyme Elisa and Western Blot performed with the following results. The Elisa screen was positive and the IGG WB was negative but the IGM WB was positive in two bands. I was put on Doxycycline for three weeks at a 100MG twice/day dose. I initially felt better but at the end of August(about 5 weeks since I started the AB) I started feeling tired again. I called the Dermatologist and asked if I should continue the Doxycycline a while longer and he said no, but that I should see my Internist and first have a complete blood workup(which I did and it was fine).
Rather than go to a general practiioner, I made an appointment with an Infectionist Disease-"Lyme Specialist". She reviewed my symptons with the previous Lyme Test results and said I needed to give it more time and did not reco any more Doxycycline. I did ask to take a second Lyme test to see if the AB had any effect.
This second test came back with both Western Blots(IGG and IGM) negative?
I then made an appointment with a top LYME Specialist (among the top 100 Doctors by specialty in a 2003 US news and world report survey). He reviewed the two tests and gave me another complete exam and said I did not need to take any more AB but rather give it time.
For my own sanity, I asked my IDD for a third Lyme Test prescription. The results were as follows:
The Elisa screen was positive but at an improved reading over the first, The Western Blot IGG and IGM were both negative.
I was feeling better during Mid September until this week and once again started feeling fatigued and felt like I had a cold again but didn't.Could this be a HERX Reaction?
I have gone to a Dermatologist, Infect Disease Lyme Spec, and a prominent LYME Specialt recomended by the top 100 Doctors by Spec report.
I don't know what the next step shoud be. I have seen many notes from all of you on contiued use of AB but the Doctors don't want to do this. Thanks!

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