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I just turned 16 about 3 months ago. About 3 years I ended up in the hospital and diagnosed with Dysmennoreah, Endometryosis and ovarian cysts.I had been suffering from random fevers and abdominal pain when menstrating. They then put me on birth control and sent me on my way.

Last year, for about a month, I had a constant fever of a 100 accompanied by heavy sweating. I was tested for a lot things, especially cancer because it has been in every generation on my fathers side.

In the past 6 weeks I have been feeling so fatigued I feel like I'll faint. Accompanied by sudden joint pains that usually prohibit movement of that joint. Like my wrist, it feels like arthitis but then my muscles in my hand feel cramped and swollen. I also worked out every other day this summer, then just over a period of a week, I just became to tired to even work out for 30minutes.

Then a friend of mine recently told me that she had lymes disease and I asked her about it, and she told me her symptoms and such and that it wasn't so bad.

What are some of the extremes of lymes disease and do you think I have it? And are their any medicines or cures?


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