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Hi people,

I have been feeling very ill just recently, around 2 years ago it was a hot day and i was cutting the hedges as i do every weekend, half way through i felt a sharp pain in my arm (like something had stung me) i could not see anything on my arm at all so i figured i just caught myself on one of the thorns on next doors little plant (was right next to it at the time).

So i carried on doing my work, once done i felt a little dehydrated so sat down and had a drink, when it came to leaving (about 40 minutes later) i suddenly started feeling very dizzy (and was having trails in my vision), thought it was a migraine so pulled over, it passed but for the rest of the day i had a very dry throat, dizziness, my muscles ached a little etc and i felt weak, this lasted for just over 2 days, then i went back to feeling 100% normal, so i thought it was just heat stroke from dehydration.

However, i noticed about a week after that i was having weird anxiety/panic attacks (i've never ever ever been an anxious person), i put this down to stress due to having so much going on in my life at the time, over the next few weeks this anxiety got worse and to the point i stopped leaving the house, then over 6-8 months i put alot of weight on (though not really eating much, one meal a day) i started getting daily headaches and felt a little 'strange' almost a DP/DR sort of sensation.

Anyway, i have had bad posture through all this and put alot of pressure on my back everyday, one day i noticed the bottom of my back went numb when i put alot of pressure on it, so i got upand decided to lay down, as soon as i did burning sensations started running up and down my legs/arms, this over the next few days developed into sensitivity to touch (light touch) as wel as feeling like my hands and feet were swollen, been diagnosed with neuropathy after an MRI (damaged nerves, lower spine, due to the pressure).

Anyway, i started getting back pains with to the GP, no pain meds really helped so sent me to an ortheopedic who decided i needed an epidural steroid injection, i was hesistent to this but i felt like i'd do anything to get rid of the pain.

After the injection i had severe sensitivity to touch (flare up?) but this settled down in 48 hours, but the pain was unbearable, my stress levels were extremely high...and i know it takes 3-5 days for the steroids to get in and do their job...but on day 5, i wake up...feel EXTREMELY fatigued, up for less than 20 minutes and went back to bed, sleping for 14-15 hours at a t ime, this lasted for 4 days before i went to the GP, he examined my throat, tonsils were up so just thought it was tonsillitis, gave me some antibiotics and sent me home, over the next week or so i started feeling better and back to normal (and without back pain!)....then 4 days later, relapse, bed bound again, tonsils up, sleeping all the time, but 5 days later i am back to normal yet again.

Fast forward to a month later, i catch a cold and again, major crash, tonsils are up, sore throat, headache, slight fever, little fatigue but not much, so i carry on about my usual chores, 4 weeks later...still sore throat, random fatigue hits me, weakness sets in...anda again 4 weeks later, more fatigue, i feel nearly bed bound.

I was about 80% normal before the injection and now i feel like death is calling me....

I have been told that i could have lyme...and steroid injections should never be given to people with lyme....

Could this be lyme???

Here is a list of my symptoms

Head Fog (Nothing ever really seems clear to me)
Dizziness (sometimes random vertigo out of nowhere)
Hearing loss (though no infections...)
Blurred vision
Double Vision
Muscle aches (everywhere, feet and hands/arms are the worst)
Random stabbing and shooting pains.
I mark easily (anemia?)
Chronic sore throat which wont go away.
Tender lymph nodes (neck, sometimes under arms)
Extreme fatigue (i can sleep...and sleep...and sleep...and sleep)
Really dry skiin (started when i first fell ill after injection)
Bleeding under the skin (?) (Maybe related due to low platelet levels due to infection?)
Stiff Neck and shoulders
Numbness (mainly left side of the body, my left arm feels like it just isnt mine)
Tingling (feet are the worst)
My eyesight has got worse over the past 2 years (3 new pairs of glasses)
Weakness (this bothers me the most)
Muscle wasting (legs seem the worst)
Light Sensitivity (wax and wanes, some days i cannot stand the sun at all, others its ok but cannot look at sky without sun glasses)
Visual Snow (started around 6 months after falling ill)
After images (both negative and positive)
Sound sensitivity (Not major, certain things bother me, probably related to hearing loss)
Dental worsening (i dont know how to explain this but my teeth are going rotten, this happened quite quickly)
Diarrhea (on and off!)
Constipation (every so often)
Stomach pains that come and go.
Acid Reflux/Gerd (some days this gets really bad)
Lack of appetite

My GP ordered blood tests to check my thyroid, check for anemia, mono (glandular fever) and do a CBC, which i should get the results tomorrow.

But he would not do a test for lyme! said it was a waste of time.

Around 2 years ago for a short while i lived in the countryside and our cats always had ticks on them, so i got bit a few times.

Thanks for any replies...

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