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Hi Everyone,
My four-year-old has autism and I am looking for answers to what might have caused it. We have a DAN! doctor in Wilton, CT and we live in Rochester, NY. I have requested her to order a lyme test, but I haven't performed it yet. It's through IgeneX. Our previous DAN doctor from OH ordered a Quest Diagnostic's Lyme Disease IGG and IGM WB which showed reactive 41KD IGG and reactive 41KD IGM, don't know what it means.

Is there a good LLMD near us? Allopatic or alternative, doesn't matter, perhaps. Although alternative is more like our lifestyle.

Thank you so much in advance.
Agree with telvock, live in Central NY, no LLMDs in our immediate area, must travel to the Hudson Valley.

Although no testing for Lyme is perfect IgeneX is better than Quest.
Most labs leave out two important Lyme specific bands, IgeneX tests for them. Can easily research all of this online and welcome to the political controversy of Lyme Disease.

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