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Hello All;

Its been a very long time since I have been on the lyme boards. Had a bad case of Neurological Lyme back in 2005 which I am beginning to think I never completely got rid of - I got a picc line infection (that was a nightmare!) and it was pulled and then was diagnosed with chiari malformation and thought that what was causing all my problems. I think i was incredably wrong....That is another story!

At any rate back on Doxy for a recent deer bite and my reaction tells me all the other untreated bites may have been from lyme ticks. So how does one tell the difference between an allergic reaction to a med and a herx? I feel absolutely horrible - like the flu and every lyme symtom I have ever had all wrapped up into one nice package. I never remember feeling this bad - even with my IV treatment. Maybe I had lyme for all these years (that would not be a big surprise) and am going through the herx from hell or could I be having a bad reaction to the doxy? Flu like symptoms, joint pain, nasty headache, neck pain, more flashing lights in my vision ( these have been chronic since 2005), eye sensitivity, fatigue - no make that exhaustion, sweats... I am on 200 mg.'s twice a day and do not yet have an appointment with my LLMD. I have alot of Doxy and do not want to wait the month to see her so yes I am begninning treatment on my own. I know..not a good thing but better then waiting a month -especially when I am feeling how I am.

So just wondering if anyone might be able to share their insight on herx vs. meds side effect/allergic reaction. Many thanks!!!! TG

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