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[QUOTE=fibropain48;4011948]What next?
1st it was fibromyalgia, then I tested for vitamin D deficiciency, then osteoporosis, then degenerative joint disease that is attacking me in all different parts of my body when ever it feels like striking any different month of the year. I'm seeing my rheumy dr. who ordered MRI"S of my hip because it hurts to walk. first it started in left hip and then months later it's now in the right hip.
IT feels like there's something horrible going on in it, but the MRI is only showing slight fluid. my rheumy dr thought it might be bursitis because it hurts on the outer upper part of the thigh. walking makes it worst.
sleeping on it makes it worst, etc.
while we spoke over the phone the other day going over the MRI report, she suddenly made a remark about a lyme test she ordered from me months and months ago. At first she told me it came back negative months ago when we first performed it.
NOW she's telling me that on the western blot method, it has one ring, whereas if it's positive, it needs to have two rings, or what ever the term is.
then on the other lyme test that was performed, there's 2 rings that came up positive but you need to have five out of ten be positive.
she gave me a titer level which reads: 1.52
she normal the ratio for normal is: 0-.9
now why on earth would she go and tell me months ago that it
came out negative?
and then NOW she's telling me she wants to put me on
antibiotics, doxyclycline to be exact for a month?
I don't LIKE taking antibiotics unless it's absolutely needed.
so my lyme dx is iffy" so to speak.
she feels it could be lymes causing the host of horrible aches and pains
and lethargia and tiredness, loss of appetite, horrible cognitive and memory problems that's only getting worst and worst over the years.
I decided to take the antibiotics. My dr. agreed w/me that antibiotics
are dispensed at alarming rates for the most minor things such as colds and virus's. virus's can't be treated with antibiotics. so why dispense them for that?
I would like to hear other people's opinions here who might have more knowledge on this subject than I do.
do you think it could be lymes causing the hip problems and
all the other swollen joints in my hands? and when the
dr. ordered my knuckles to be xrayed, nothing showed up!!!
she said that lymes can cause this type of arthritic problems.

I had lymes disease back in the late 80's early 90's, can't recall which.
so did my little girl, my other daughter and other son. it missed the oldest son and my exhusband.
we are living in what the dr. calles "the black hole" for lymes
we have deer walking outside my back door like they're dogs walking around in the neighbor hood.
everywhere I go, like for our walks out on this beautiful trail where I know the deer lay because you can see the impressions left by their bodies when they lay there with the pack.
we walk thru those tall grasses but always check when we get home and take a shower to wash off possible loose ticks that got on us by chance.

what else can I do to deter the ticks from our bodies other than using potent toxic chemicals like "deet"?
Is there anything in a more holistic form that anyone knows of?

I know alot of the people here on the lyme board are suffering FAR worst than I am and I don't want to complain about my little woes.
but I would like others opinions on my personal medical story if possible.
another person on the boards once sent a reply to my post suggesting it sounded just like I might have lymes but I pooh poohed it.
silly me!
I'll never do that again!

thanks for listening....[/QUOTE]

Just read your post and I would trust your doctor and try the antibiotics. My daughter was diagnosed this year after years of trying to figure out what was going on with her and numerous doctors and tests. She has been on oral antibiotics and is now on IV antibiotics and is finally seeing some improvement. She had no idea she was bit and we don't even know how long ago it may have been. The tests for Lyme are notoriously inaccurate. She was tested many times and they came back negative. Her doctor ran a test through a lab in California called IGENEX. They look for more strains of the bacteria and the DNA and are somewhat more sensitive than the normal Elisa and Western BLot tests. YOu must pay up front because they do not accept insurance unless you are on medicare and then get reimbursed by your insurance company. But she finally got her positive results from this test and began treatment. Many of her other tests for RH and Lupus came back negative and too many others to list right now. She also has difficult with memory, brain fog, migraines, numbness, tingling, dizziness, pain everywhere, fatigue--the list goes on and on. There are some dangers to too many antibiotics but they can also work wonders and if it is Lyme, it's the only thing that will help you. If it were me, I'd take the antibiotics and not for just a month if these symptoms have been around for a while. I would bet if you take them for a month, once you stop, the symptoms will return and you'll feel even worse. Check out the CALDA website. It's a Lyme group in California that is loaded with information and the ILDSA also. Be sure your doctor follows their guidelines and not the guidelines set up by the IDSA (which are under review right now due to antitrust issues). The IDSA and CDC have guidelines that are to confining and they do not believe the chronic lyme exists and that a longer course of treatment is necessary when there are studies and patients that are benefiting from longer treatment. I hope this helps in your decision.

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