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Apr 2, 2007
... My doctor asked me if I had gotten scratched by a cat, which I had several times. I think he thinks I may have bartonella. But from what everyone said here, you can get it from a tick too. Thanks so much for letting me know that. I will definitely look out for anything different when I get on. I haven't started it yet because my stomach has been a little yucky. I will let... (4 replies)
Mar 28, 2007
... Mickie, Thank you so much for responding. I had a bad experience with medications before(not antibiotics), and that's why I get scared. I guess I just need to push through and stop letting it get the best of me. I'm glad Levaquin helped you so much. I feel way better when I'm on it too. I feel like my "old self" again. The pain goes away too. Chantel (4 replies)
... Hi 6Blues: Me again with another update. I have not been on much lately since my sister and her family were here with us. The kids had a blast, but it really set me back big time. I have been struggling with fatigue... I have been reading some posts a little, I just couldn't keep up... how is your Dad? Anyways, went to another ENT. Again, world reknown, highly... (4 replies)

... Hi again: 6blues I am wondering about the platelets clumping. Can you tell me more about that? For the first time in my life my hemoglobin and hematocrit were high in the beginning of Dec. This was about 10 days after starting Doxy. This last week they were down a little, but still up. My Dr. is not lyme literate, so noone is monitoring any of this stuff on me. The... (12 replies)
... 6Blues, I'm really sorry to hear that you're still unwell after almost a year of being on antibiotics. I have just started my treatment about a month ago and I haven't felt better, but from what people are saying here, we're supposed to feel better over time. It is just surprising to see you're still not getting any improvement after a year. To me, this might sound as if... (12 replies)
... se to that. I have been acutely unwell for 5 months now. If someone had told me five months ago that I would still feel like this I would have been schocked. 6Blues I am so sorry that you feel the way you do as a single Mom. I have two little boys 7 and 5 next month and I feel like I am missing out on so much. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Schao: I am a new member to the board. I know your question was to 6blues, but my problems started out as neuro, or at least those were the problems that got me to start listening to my body that there was something wrong. I had vertigo, visual disturbances-depth perception and the sensation that everything was brighter than normal, panic attacks that lasted over an... (12 replies)
... Dear 6Blues, Thanks for responding to my post regarding my appointment at the J Clinic in North Carolina. The reason I am planning to go all the way down there is that they accept my insurance. Does Dr. E. accept insurance, and if she doesn't, how does that work? I know that expenses to reach into the thousands if not tens of thousands. I would appreciate any help... (1 replies)
... Hi 6Blues. I am sorry things are so horrible right now. How long have you been taking the Biaxin? It could be that it is stirring things up because you changed meds. Believe me, you are NOT lazy and you are NOT a slob. This disease can affect every system of the body. Please read the information posted on the "Lyme and Mental Illness" post... (4 replies)
... Same here, 6Blues! We're all easily exhausted and then depressed because we're not capable of being who we were before this disease. I've been told that those who especially have chronic Lyme, have brain damage and I do believe this - especially when it takes most of the day to read some of the newspaper, or vacuum a few rooms and the idea of having to keep going up and... (4 replies)
... 6blues, sorry you're so blue. Don't be too hard on yourself, this is a hard time right now and you're doing the best you can. That happened to me a lot and I hated it too, but you can't help it right now, you're sick with lyme. Can you get a good friend or relative to come over and just pick a few things up for you to help your frame of mind? Don't be afraid to ask for... (4 replies)
... and i don't know what i'd do without you all!!! even though we have no way of contacting each other outside of this board, i feel like you are all my best friends. last night as i waws sitting ballin my eyes and i were seriously at it....and i wished i had someone to call other than my mom or my sister. i looked through my nuymbers on my cell phone and there's... (17 replies)
... Good morning, 6blues, First of all, you expressed yourself beautifully and obviously opened up a much needed thread... I am so sorry for your situation. I do relate. My 20 year is back home and though she is a very caring person, I really don't think she gets 'it'. Is there any type of Big Brother program in your area? Are your kids's dad involved in there life? It... (11 replies)
May 10, 2013
... Greetings olivieplants12, 6Blues here. A good friend told me you were looking for me. ... (2 replies)
May 8, 2013
... 6Blues posted this in 2005...I just found this in a search and was like, wow! someone had what I have! Except that I don't have Lyme that I know of....I just copied and pasted her post since it was a ditto. I have been to ophthalmologist/neurologist had 2 MRIs of the brain, one orbit of the eyes and one of the cervical. I have also seen an ENT, had every vestibular test there... (2 replies)
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Jun 5, 2008
... Hi Everyone I haven't posted in awhile. I have had the picc line in since last Aug 07. Can't say I'm that much better. I have now been on Rocephin, Doxycycline, Zthromax, and now Cefepime. (300 or more total infusions) I'm having terrible cognitive problems. First I feel like my brain is inflamed. I don't run a high temp it feels like my brain or around my head has burning... (4 replies)
... What a miracle! I feel so mentally better. Yes, prayers definately do work. Thank you all for your encouragement. ESPECIALLY Jojo, 6Blues and ticker. You guys have been there for me since the beginning and I really appreciate all that you do. ... (26 replies)
... 6Blues, If it's okay. I would like to make a new thread to you. I have a few questions about Levaquin. Chantel (8 replies)
... Ticker and 6Blues - Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate it. I have been reading so many past posts on this board - they are very helpful. Good luck to both of you. 6Blues, thanks for the sympathy on the superbowl game. I got a laugh when I read your post. (5 replies)
... Heya 6blues xx For many months i was put on antidepressants and became very ill, i was labeled Bi polar. Lyme Disease causes Bi Polar. Once i was on Doxy so the Lyme was being kicked and things were doing ok untill the anxiety kicked in a strength i had never known, unbearable discomfort. Doxy causes anxiety.... So nothing helped atall apart from St johns Wort and it also... (9 replies)

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