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I wasn't diagnosed for over 20 years, had left knee problems develop in 2004, chronic synovitis, torn lateral miniscus,told surgery only offered a 60% chance of improvement, opted not to do it. Had the ELISA test then which was negative so told it absolutely wasn't Lyme. I know better now.

Have swelling on and off, pain minimal but know what you mean about it feeling "loose" like you can't walk, I often feel I am going to mis-step and fall. Sometimes my hips feel this way, sometimes an elbow is sore, sometimes an ankle..Migrating joint pain from the Lyme. That seems to be less with treatment.

Once I started antibiotic treatment my RIGHT knee started acting up. Locked up on me and then swelled.
The LLMD stated we were stirring the Lyme bacteria up..they love collagen, that is where they hide.

I get no definite answer as to how treatment will help my knees, the right one settled down once I could no longer tolerate the antibiotics, I am on a herbal regeime now
The left knee is permanently damaged I'm afraid, along with two disks and a slipped vertebrae in my back.
Hi Matt, sorry to hear about your lyme disease.

Have you ever been tested for any co-infections. Co-infections are a HUGE part of knee pain and lyme. Where are you from? My son was very sick with similar symptoms- He has the co-infection Bartonella along with lyme. He had to drop ot of school in Feb because of the severe left knee pain. After extensive research and finding the correct doctor (child lyme doctor) he was put on Zithromax, plaquenil, ciprofloxacin. HUGE HUGE HUGE recovery. Please advise your doctor of this treatment and if he doesnt believe or treat co infections find a new one IMMEDIATLEY! Good luck and please update us

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