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False Negative?
Jul 7, 2009
I have been experiencing various neurological symptoms including optic neuritis, nerve pain, numbness in hands, and extreme fatigue for the past two months. On April 30 I was treated for an infection with 5 days of antibiotics and 10 days of steroids. On May 11 I was tested for lyme disease and an ANA and serum levels were also done. My lymes test came back negative and I had a homogenous ANA with elevated globulin.

As I am continuing to have symptoms and no one can find any brain or spinal lesions to indicate MS I am wondering if I my lymes test was a false negative. I know that antibiotic and steroid treatments can cause false negatives, but I don't know if mine was taken close enough to have any affect. I am also wondering about the positive ANA and elevated globulin, what could these indicate? My neuros have just brushed them off.

Does anyone have any information/experience with this?

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