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Hi Ozzie,
First of all, happy New Year, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I again want to stress it is important to find a llmd. I took a break of 23 days to fight a yeast overgrowth. At the time I was on cefuroxime and flagyl. cefuroxime really messed up my intestines, make sure you take probiotics daily. My neurological symptoms got much worse, anxiety, trembling fingers when using the phone, slow thinking. I actually never noticed the anxiety before my break from abx. I also can feel it in my heart now, I never before could. When I take my abx dose I can feel it relieve the feeling in my heart, kind of scary for me. I'm not on mepron/zithro/flagyl to treat likely babesia.
I really think the seriousness depends on how long you've had the illness, the bacteria have more time to get deeper in the body. After this I'm going to try a combo, clarimithracin/doxy, I hear it's a very good combination.
One more thing, don't rule out that lyme caused the addisons. They are testing for lack of a hormone which lyme can cause. Only a llmd would believe this unfortunately. If you have had for awhile, you will need a flagyl like drug, they are believed to be "cyst busters" to help with the dormant bacteria. I'm researching lyme biofilms right now... Let me know how you're doing.

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