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Hang in there,
I'm suffering from Lyme and Babesia, and have gone undiagnosed for a long period of time and also have suffered some the neurological effects and physical effects you describe.

I kept going back to my family doc complaining of fatigue and he put me off for about a year and a half saying, "you have a little cold" "maybe its a little depression" "maybe a little viral thing", three visits later I'm like just test me for everything. Duh doc, what a quack. I should take some blame too, but I have always been healthy my whole life and trusted him. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that my problem became chronic lyme and a persistant infection because it was allowed to fester so long resulting in:

memory loss
sensitivity to light, so bad I went to the eye doctor, (only to be tested for 20/15 vision)
poor vision while driving (something to due with light and glare)
brain fog
numbness, pins and needles in hands while I sleep

and then after treatment my whole body went sore, I herxed bad and was moving like a real old man in the mornings, sore from head to toe.
my knees, ankles and back are still sore to this day.

Been taking meds for about three years and I rememeber early on feeling alot better right from the start then getting worse (herx) then returning to a state where I felt better, then stopping meds only to have symptoms return, restarting meds and feeling better then stopping for a longer period of time. My most recent stretch off meds was about five to six months and I thought I won until a couple of weeks ago when the fatigue, sore knees back and ankles returned along with the brain fog. I'm now considering other options, like herbals and a diet change, maybe a doctor change, but hoping to stay on the meds and feel better soon.

I hope some of this helps you, good luck.

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