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I have been searching for answers for a while now. I have been going through numerous symptoms since January. I have had many, many tests done. I have been to the doctors countless times, ER twice, and several trips to a neurologist. Most, not all, said that it could be nothing but anxiety.

I will quickly tell you the symptoms and let me know if this sounds like Lyme.

It started with a sudden bout with acid reflux, which quickly turned into a series of flu like problems. It started with the flu, the first one I have ever had. This flu lasted for a while.. in fact, I am still feeling some of the lingering effects like post nasal drip... 3+ months and counting! It was a week later when I had my first ear infection which my school's nurse said was "pretty bad." I was put on antibiotics for a week and a half. The ear infection finally went away, but the infections did not end there. The day after I ran out of antibiotics, I stated having severe headaches accompanied by facial and eye pain. I was then told I had a sinus infection (later confirmed with a CT-Scan). I was once again placed back on antibiotics. This infection lasted two weeks, but I am still having occasional eye pain every now and then.

These infections and flu like symptoms lasted almost all of April, if not into May. That's when I had minor other symptoms get the better of me... such as muscle pain and twitching, fatigue, testicular pain, and the worst of all, stuttering and thick speech.

When the stuttering and thick speech began one week, I went to the ER because my doctor believe I had a stroke... at 22 I might add. All the tests came back negative. Chest X-ray, blood, urine, MRI, Ct-scan.

Since then I was recommended to a neurologist. The neruos first thought was the stress and anxiety got the better of me. I than began worrying about ALS, as everything was pointing that way.

I brought up Lyme to the neuro, who brushed it aside, saying "probably not, but we will check any ways."

After my sixth round of blood tests, first time I was checked for Lyme, it all came back normal except for an elevated red blood count, and the signs of a lingering epstein-barr virus.

From what I read, the EB virus, probably mono, should not lead to all the infections I had.

As of late.. like the last month and a half, I am experiencing what I would call chronic fatigue. I could sleep for 11 hours and it is still not enough. I am still having speech problems, like slurring and fighting to find the right words to say. My doctors have mentioned a lot from MS, neurological problems, and just plain anxiety. I even brought up ALS to one doctor who laughed at the idea, and another who said everything has to be ruled out first.

As far as I can tell, I never had the "bulls eye" rash, but I can tell you that I have been bit by numerous bugs or what not over the last few months, probably when this all began.

Now for the final questions: Can you have Lyme disease after a lyme test comes back normal? Does this sound like Lyme?

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