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HI All,

I got my second lab results(Quest).

My first test in June09 came back as;

Lyme AB 1.23 (positive)
Overall IGG and IGM (WB) - negative
IgG 41 KDa Band reactive (WB)
Overall IGG and IGM (WB) - negative

The most recent test shows;
Lyme AB 1.46 (positive)
Overall IGG and IGM (WB) - negative
IgG 41 KDa Band reactive (WB)

Please note that no other bands were tested positive.

This whole thing started because I felt a mild and constant stiff neck(left side, when I turn), heart palpitations.I mentioned it to my Family Doctor in july that I felt a bite on my ankle /hash/mild fever(it was dark and couldn't see what it was) in January 06 when I was in Brazil. He told me to get tested for Chagas(negative) and Lyme. After the first lab results(positive for Lyme) I went to an infectious desease Doctor who told me not to worry because this is most likely a cross reaction to something else(?).

Now I don't know if I should look for an LLMD or what?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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