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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi, to tell you the truth that was about 7 years ago. And I don't remember any of the test that I had run.

I went to my chiro he told me what was hurting me. So then I went to a M.D. She sent me to a gall bladder surgeon. And wanted to yank out my gall bladder.
The doctor I was seeing that had me on the picc line was on vacation. But I put in a call to his office. His staff got a hold of him. and he said for me NOT to have the surgery. To do a gall bladder flush. I did and I still have my gall bladder.

The pancrease settled down on it's own. Thank goodness.

I remember it was super painful!

I do believe it was the vet I was taking my dog to at the time that told me it sounded like I had Lyme. And he was right all that time.
Doctors kept doing the Elisa test on me. Then when I did have it tested through Igenex it came back neg. Had it done a couple of times.

Now I understand the why's it can come back negative.

At that time, Dr's were still going by what the CDC had to say, that you had to have a certain amount of bands to be positive.

Well the doc that I finally found and got me started on treatment went on by what I said....I was bitten by 3 ticks and within a few days I was running fevers, ect.

And at the time I hadn't a clue about LLMD's. Going to one most likely would of saved me years of illness and money.

I have been off antibiotics now for a year. But still doing tons of supplements. I have to get my rest and stay on top of it at all times. And of course it isn't just Lyme that I am dealing with. Viruses and protozoa's and couple of other bacterias.

Hope you feel better soon.


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