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seems like you have lyme. i take it you came back positive for the anti-bodies from a titer test and then the western was negative??

what anti-biotics are you on and for how long?? just because the western came back negative does not mean you do not have lyme, ask if ANY of the bands came back positive. sometimes because the CDC wants 5 specific bands to be positive, and you only have 3 or 4 they still call it negative. which in my opinion and experience is B.S.

i take you live in maine also, which of course is infested with lyme.
Hi, I just wanted to suggest that you research 6 weeks of antibiotic treatment. The bacteria has a 4week life cycle so 6 weeks will cover that. Also, the point about how many and which protein bands are positive on the Western Blot is an important part of diagnosis. So few get the perfect 5 bands that the CDC requires. Don't hesitate to push for treatment. The longer you are untreated, the bacteria are entering your cells and becoming difficult to kill. Good luck, advocate for yourself and you will get well!

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