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[QUOTE=momto;4130912]I actually just got some tests results back. My Lyme came back neg but my VItamin D was at 13. But my Ebstein Barr levels came back messed up too????

I just dont know what to do anymore?????

Sorry didnt mean to highjack your thread ;)[/QUOTE]

Vitamin D deficiencies are common in chronic and/or severe illness.
Disease will do that.

Note: many doctors agree with supplementing and others NOT supplementing (part of the Marshall protocol).There's a divide. and then some only supplement with D3 or just D2.

Personally, I had been supplementing with just low amounts of D3 until I changed doctors and now she advocates for prescription D to supplement.

Bacteria and viruses feed on our bodies and deplete our reserves of many essentials.
Vitamin D is not the only thing I became deficient in.

I have lyme + higher EBV antibody level + Vit D deficiency(improving!).

95% of adults have had EBV exposure and will still test positive for antibodies years later.

EBV can remain dormant in some cells in the body and when Borrelia (lyme disease spirochete) is introduced to and challenges our system, opportunistic viruses that were once dormant, like EBV, can re-emerge.

and I will note, as so many do--

a NEGATIVE lyme test doesn't mean that you do NOT have lyme disease.

If you aren't already, please see a lyme-literate physician to clinically rule lyme in or out.
My EBV reactivated twice in the past 5 years, my vitamin D level was 11 and will not go over 30 even with supplementation

Then I was found to be Lyme positive by Western Blot. ELISA was always negative

You need a lyme literate provider....Lyme suppresses the immune system allowing other stealth viruses like EBV to activate again

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