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Over 8 years ago my thyroid burned out I developed hypothyroidism. I never really felt better on treatment. My brain functioning had slowed and I was still very achy. I had my first son then and by the time he was one I had joint pain and chronic muscle pain. It took a year to diagnose Fibromyalgia. I had a Lyme test that came back inconclusive(noone ever told me). Four years later I had my second son. Within 3 months I developed neurological symptoms. My legs felt weak and I developed paresthesia in both arms and legs. If I walked up or down any incline, squatted, stood too long, my legs woud go crazy I call it thrumming (throbbing, humming)! My left side was dramatically worse. I actually thought I was having a stroke only my face wasn't involved. I began to fall often because my left leg wasn't working right and both feet dragged. I couldn't walk around with my newborn. My left arm got so bad I would drop things. I had the awful mental fog and anxiety. The neurologist said absoutely I didn't have Lyme. I was sent to a M.S. clinic where they found white spots on my brain. During this my nurse practitioner went to a Latent Lyme seminar where they actually talked about Lyme flaring after pregnancy. She hooked me up with up with a LLMD who ran a new lyme test which had 2 protein bands positive. He started me on a trial 6weeks antibiotics. The idea is to have the antibiotics availabe in the blood when the bacteria leaves the cell to regenerate. I got so sick!!!!!! Eventually I became bedridden and housebound. I was in horribe pain all over all the time. I was constantly Flaring the first two years. I was too sick to travel to NY to see a specialist. After two years I was released from M.S. clinic as my symptoms improved and the spots stayed stable. I had other symptoms like my left eyelid drooping and numbness on the left side of my face night and day sweats inability to contro my body temperature myoconc jerking. My Flares were like a bad flu and inbetween still flu. Finally last year I saw a specialist. He put me on IV rocephin for 5 months. I developed gall sludge-beware! He also tested and treated me for Babeseosis with Mepron. Thats when things started to turn around! I took the summer off antibiotics and was able to participate in my life, but toward the end my symptoms were returning. I have weeky Bicilin shots comming up. I am doing better in so many ways. My left side feels more normal, the paresthesia is less intense. I just want to know do you come back from this? Maybe not who you were, but better than just functioning better? Does anyone truly get well?

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